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How to use Social Media in the age of Coronavirus

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has upended nearly every aspect of life – how we work, grocery shop, spend time with friends and do business. Working from home and social distancing has become the new normal for millions. As traditional marketing has taken a backseat to digital marketing, having a solid social media strategy in place is more crucial than ever. According to Business Insider, upwards of 46% of Americans are spending more time on social media during the pandemic.

We are here to share tips on how to ensure your business' social media strategy is successful in the midst of these unprecedented times:.

Review Scheduled Content

The first step you should take is to review all scheduled content with a careful eye. Double-check that all content and images are still on brand and appropriate in light of the pandemic. Captions that may have seemed perfectly fine before coronavirus – for instance, referencing getting outside or spending time at large get-togethers – may not work now. Comb through scheduled content regularly, keeping in mind the ever-changing news landscape. It is still okay to have some fun if it is appropriate for your brand, but be careful about being too light and fluffy when it comes to serious topics.

Social Media Monitoring

The more in-touch you are with your audience, the better your marketing will be. Respond to questions and comments, acknowledge what your consumers are saying and make sure your customer service team is engaging whenever possible. That’s not to say you should only be monitoring direct mentions of your brand – any mention of your company, a competitor or industry news are all important information to keep an eye on. Staying on top of news about the pandemic and local guidelines are also important.

Keep Customers Updated

Depending on what type of business you operate, there are likely some changes you want to keep your customers aware of. Make sure your hours of operation are correct on your website, social media channels, and any other online business listings.

Are you now offering curbside pickup other new services? Be sure to add that to your social media bios. Make dedicated posts whenever you have an announcement about how your business is adapting. Customers will feel more confident about your business when you keep them in-the-know, and often will empathize with small business owners adapting to change.

What to Avoid

Do not take advantage of the crisis, use fear as a motivator or try to exploit your customer base in any way. Consumers will see through ulterior motives and remember your company as one trying to profit off the pandemic. If running a certain campaign or advertisement seems even a little bit unsympathetic to current events, it is best to sideline it for the time being. Marketing approaches should be empathetic above all.


Since more people are spending time online, take a chance to experiment and expand your social media presence. Try out new content or a new platform. Experiment with different Instagram features, get on Tik Tok, spotlight your employees, or better yet, your customers. Pay attention to the feedback you receive and use it to modify your strategy going forward.

The most important thing when it comes to social media in the age of COVID-19 is to focus on making great content and building relationships. If you need help developing your social media strategy, be sure to reach out to Infinite Marketing – we would love to set up a consultation with you.



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