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5 Website Features Your Company Should Have (And if Not, Should Get ASAP)

Since every business, company, and average Joe now has a website, you forget the importance it has for any brand. We see them all the time, interact with them, and buy products from them (which is unfortunately what I do the most). Since websites are becoming so normal and overseen in our culture today, you cannot forget the important features that should be on your site. We are starting to drift away from the vital content on websites and starting to focus on other fun platforms, such as social media.

This needs to change.

Strong website content is still just as important as any tweet or Instagram photo. So take a step back and look at your business website. Does it have these 5 essential features that might get lost in the shuffle when creating your web page?

Contact Information

How are your customers, new or old, going to get in touch with you if your website doesn’t have any contact info? You should have your contact information pasted ALL OVER THE SITE. It is very important for customers to be able to contact you, and know that they can. Your number or email should always be at the top or bottom of every page on your website, and it should have its own tab, too.

Some companies are very vague with their location, even if they have a physical store or headquarters. Co-Founder of ReveNews, Wayne Porter, stated "A phone number, a street

address and even pictures go a long way toward building credibility." You can even add a Google Maps button on your website and show customer exactly where you are located. By showing your address, even if customers will not visit it, it will instantly create credibility and trust.

About Us

You can’t physically be there when customers are visiting your website, but you need some sort of introduction. This is where the “about us” page comes into play. By showing customers what you are all about, they will immediately have a sense of what your business

is all about, too. You need to give people a taste of who you are as a person and as a company, especially new clients who are not familiar with your brand. Tell a story about why your started your business, what sets you apart from your competitors, why you are so passionate about your industry, and add some pictures to complete the image for consumers. You can also throw in your goals, mission, and really anything you want people to know about you and your business.

Organized Navigation Bar

Just like your house, you want your website to be clean when people visit it. Especially if customers are hunting for one specific tab, page or product that cannot be found, your website needs to be reorganized. You need to make your website easy to navigate, and you can easily do this a few ways.

First, you need to have a search bar at the top of your website. This way people can simply search for whatever they desire, instead of searching through all your site’s content. Another thing to make your website organized is to have a clean tab bar/header menu. You should split categories into different pages and then add sub-categories when you are ready. This creates order for your website, as well as an easy path for customers to take when looking

through. The final way to make your website organized is through the elimination of clutter. You should not have a crazy color scheme, thousands of pages/pictures, or a very wordy site. Customers will become overwhelmed and close out in five seconds. Make sure you have a clean and concise color scheme, only important pages/pictures, and keep your wording to a minimum.


Testimonials and reviews could make or break a customer’s decision in choosing your brand. If yours are positive, you want to display them on your website for the world to know. This not only creates credibility by showing the positive relationship you have with past clients,

but it also shows that your business is reliable and beloved. Include any and all nice things customers have said about your brand. If you have an abundance of them, create a whole page dedicated to testimonials. You do not need to stop there; you can also include awards, case studies, client lists, and any recognition you have received.

Clear Call-to-Action

Your business probably wants customers to visit your website for a few reasons, so make those known to them! If you want customers to sign-up for your mailing list, give them a button that says “sign up today.” Or if you want them to buy a specific product, add a “buy

now” box. Customers cannot read your mind; they do not know the specific action you are hoping they take. These also should be located on your home page, so customers know right off the bat what they should do. This will cause them to dig deeper into your website and give you the results your brand is looking for.

Now it is time for you to take a step back and really look at your company’s website. Does it possess these important features? These five things are what customers want and need from a website and if your brand’s website is lacking any of these, it is time to add ASAP!

Do you need help adding these features, and even more exciting attributes to your website? We are pro website designers who would love to get your website looking its best. Get in touch today!



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