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Why Having a Strong Website is VITAL for Your Business

As the world becomes more and more digital, the number of websites continues to grow. No matter the company, service, or products being sold, you better believe they have a website to back up their brand. In fact, there are more than 1.5 billion websites worldwide. No wonder websites are taking over the internet!

Since the internet has become essential for digital marketing, your company’s website has to beat out billions of competitors worldwide. It’s hard to differentiate yourself and your business, especially online. If you are going to put your efforts into something digitally, it should definitely be your website. Here is why having a high-grade website is vital to your company.

They Build Creditability

Trust is a huge factor when customers are deciding what brand to choose and if they are going to stay loyal. Your website is a way to show consumers your company’s personality and who you are as a brand. A website is basically like your customers stepping inside your home, expect it is all virtual.

There are serval ways to create credibility within your company’s website. You can start by posting pictures, videos, and testimonials or reviews to show concreate reasons why people should trust your brand. The design of your website should also look as professional and true to brand as possible. A study found that 94% of consumers make snap decisions on website credibility solely based on the design of it. So when people say first impressions count, they also mean digitally.

They are Easily Accessible

Stores close at the end of the day, but websites are open for business 24/7. Not only are websites operational around the clock, customers don’t even need to change out of their PJs to access them. People can log onto them in their beds, kitchen, decks, really… wherever there is Wi-Fi!

Since websites are so accessible, this expands your audience tremendously. With the internet, everyone is your neighbor, even if a potential customer lives across the United States. Anyone worldwide can access your website, learn more about your brand, buy your product, or recommend your company to other prospective clients, even if they are thousands of miles away.

They are Convenient for Customers

With websites, customers have everything right at their fingertips. If you make your website easy to navigate with drop-down tabs and specific categories, consumers will never have a problem finding what they want. Also, accessibility ties into convenience. Consumers can go

onto your company’s website whenever they want, wherever they want. They can use their computers, laptops, mobile devices or tablets to go to your site. This makes it so much easier for them to learn more about your brand, rather than going to your physical location between a limited timeframe.

They Have Information Overflow

The possibilities for information to add to your website are ENDLESS! Unlike advertisements, social media posts, or emails, your website is not limited to a certain number of characters. Your company’s website should give your consumers everything they want to know, and more.

Starting with contact information, your businesses website should have an email address, phone number, and physical store location in case they want to contact you. It is always good to have an “About Us” page as well, so your company can seem more personable to clients. Other information should include detailed products or services, your social media links, and a search bar for customers to easily find whatever they need.

They are Revenue Drivers

Last but certainly not least, websites can bring in a lot of revenue for your company. Especially if your business sells specific products or services, websites can be extremely beneficial for your sales. Most people do some sort of online shopping, 96% of Americans to

be exact, and a lot of people prefer this channel. They can avoid lines, shop whenever they want, and save a lot time without leaving their home. Since websites drive in more sales compared to only having a physical store location, why wouldn’t a business want to bring in

extra money this way?

There are billions of websites on the internet and it is imperative for your business to have one as well. The list of advantages can go on forever, from the credibility aspect to the convenience for consumers, websites are taking over the world for a reason. So if your brand doesn’t have a website, see for yourself why it is so important and beneficial for your company.

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