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Whether developing more consistent branding, or helping rebrand an existing concept, we come to the table with the creative vision and strategy you need.

Building Unforgettable Brands

Sometimes it takes someone on the outside to provide a fresh perspective on your brand. Our collaborative process allows us to work with you to craft an innovative brand identity that showcases your company's unique value proposition and connects with your target audience. From designing logos to developing creative assets to building websites - and everything in-between - we do it all.

Simple Title Closing & Escrow PLLC takes pride in providing its clients with clear, efficient legal services for real estate transactions - and wanted their brand identity to reflect this.


Their original logo was visually confusing, bulky, and difficult for customers to connect with.

We stepped in to execute a complete brand overhaul, starting with a new logo design that better communicated the company's identity and value proposition. Their tagline, Simplifying the Closing Process, remained our inspiration as we worked to develop new graphics, messaging, and brand guidelines for the company.

Simple Title Closing & Escrow PLLC - Log
Simple Title Former Logo
Simple Title Folders and Business Cards, designed by Infinite Marketing, Inc.

We continued the journey of building out Simple Title's new brand by establishing a bold new suite of colors and fonts to use throughout the company's collateral. Seeking a color combination that was eye-catching, yet streamlined and sleek, we selected a palette of warm gray and soothing blue. Utilizing the new brand guidelines, we began by revamping all of the company's print collateral, including presentation folders, business cards, and rack cards.

Simple Title Promotional Items, designed by Infinite Marketing, Inc.
Simple Title Banner, designed by Infinite Marketing, Inc.

In addition to print collateral, we also helped the Simple Title team brainstorm and design a new series of promotional items, including pens, coffee mugs and tumblers, gift bags, note pads, and more. We also created a new stand-up banner that can easily travel with the team to networking and promotional events and beautifully showcases the company's new branding.

Simple Title Office Signage, designed by Infinite Marketing, Inc.

To ensure that the company's office also reflected the new brand, we removed all old signage from the walls and replaced it with modern, sleek metallic lettering and the logo mounted on a clear surface.


Altogether, the rebranding project resulted in a more cohesive, modern brand for Simple Title that reflects the company's commitment to simplifying the closing process and ensuring smooth transactions for their clients.

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