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Move Over Photographs, Video Marketing Is Here

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Pictures are everywhere you turn, part of everyday life, and especially found in the marketing world. Your company uses them without even realizing it through your website, social media, and advertisements. As you run out of photographic ideas, since they are becoming

overused, it is time to start incorporating video into your marketing strategy. Videos are basically like photos, but live and exciting. There are also so many more things you can do with videos, since they are not still images and can actually come to life.

If your brand is not utilizing video content, think again. In fact, 86% of online marketers use video, so it’s time to jump on the bandwagon.

Your first thought is creating a YouTube channel, right? There are a lot more things your company can do with video marketing than merely posting on YouTube, however, and it is time to broaden your horizons. Here are some video marketing content ideas for your business to try, that go beyond normal clips.

Company Overview

Instead of creating a write-up about your company, make a video to give customers a visual

look at what your brand is all about. This should be displayed right on your website's home page, because adding video content here creates an 88% higher chance visitors will stay longer. This video should showcase exactly what your company does, highlight important information, and have a specific tone that is parallel with your brand image. This not only will intrigue customers to watch your video, it will create uniqueness within your industry, because most businesses only write overviews about their company.

One brand that did a great job in executing their company’s overview video is Hubspot. In their “About Us” clip, the company did an excellent job in giving consumers an inside look at their office and at their employees. Not only did they showcase these features, they clearly defined their goals and mission as a brand. It is a very polished summary of the company and the philosophy they live by. The interviews also make it feel organic and conversational, rather than just reading about what the company strives to do.


If your brand sells products or services, you should give consumers a visual in how to use them or tips that align within your industry. Not only are you giving people useful information, this will in turn make consumers want to buy and try your product. By visually seeing the best way to use your product, consumers are more enticed to make a purchase.

The first brand that comes to mind in creating killer how-to videos is Lowe’s. Their Chief Marketing Officer, Marci Grebstein, stated, “Our campaigns provide reasons to believe, proof points about how Lowes demonstrates its passion around helping consumers bring

their visions to life.” This “proof” is in their video content. Lowe’s created how-to videos on various social media platforms such as Vine, Snapchat, and Facebook to showcase their products and the endless things you can create with them. These DIY videos were catered towards their target audience; people looking to do hands-on home improvements. Not only was this campaign extremely successful, it will go down in history as one of the most effective video campaigns executed by a brand.

Behind the Scenes

Your consumers are always curious about what goes into the products or services they use from your business. How is this shirt really made? What kind of time goes into designing this website? People want to know! Not only does creating behind the scenes content humanize your company, it will make consumers feel involved in your brand.

These behind the scene videos can also promote your brand’s current campaign. Nike gave viewers a look at their “Equality” shoot and talked to the athletes about what this word

means to them. Not only did Nike promote their campaign even further, people felt they were actually on set and saw first-hand what goes into these shoots.

Facebook/Instagram Videos

Social media is a force to be reckoned with in the marketing world. Not only are photo possibilities endless, there are also infinite video content ideas out there. Businesses are starting to use Facebook and Instagram videos more and more, so it is time to try out this easy tactic yourself.

One brand that LOVES to use video content on social media is Ben and Jerry’s. They promote their ice cream flavors, new and old, through video. This creates a visually pleasing advertisement, and almost 800,000 Instagram followers! These videos showcase new product launches, how their ice cream is made, and recipes you can create. It is also exciting

and refreshing for followers to see videos rather than pictures on social media, making this company memorable in the Instagram game.

By utilizing these easy and fun video marketing content ideas, your brand will stand out from the rest. Your competitors are probably not creating videos for consumers to enjoy, so give the public what they want! A staggering 85% of the US internet audience watches online videos, so make sure your business is reaching this vast demographic.

Want help in creating the best marketing content out there? We can help you produce quality video, photo, or any eye-catching graphic your business desires! Get in touch today.



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