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Digital Decade: Why Digital Marketing Has Taken Over and How Your Business Can Prosper from It

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

Traditional marketing efforts are slowly becoming obsolete, since so much of our world today is focused on technology and the digital world. Direct mail, print ads, and broadcasts are not extinct yet, but think about the last time you were mailed an advertisement… I bet it has been a while. In fact, traditional marketing efforts have fallen by 160%, but digital marketing has increased by 14%. As technology continues to advance, the digital marketing spectrum is growing larger than ever. These tactics include social media, websites, banner advertisements, YouTube, and so much more. Since the possibilities are endless, and the advancements in the digital marketing world are rising, your business can thrive from these platforms.

Why else do we love digital marketing? Here are a few more reasons why digital marketing is becoming so big, and we’re not mad about it.

You Can Reach More People

Every single business wants more customers and more people to know about their brand. I’ve never heard a company say they want to be discreet and low-key, and I don’t think I will ever hear that. If you are only marketing locally through newspapers, posters, or billboards, you are only reaching a select group of people. The nice thing about the digital world… everyone is on it. You can reach people miles away, people in different countries, or people in the same geographical area. Point is, you can reach ANYONE.

This is also a win for consumers. If your company is based in California but an ideal customer is in Maine, they can still interact and buy from your brand even though they are across the country. Without the digital world of marketing, they never would have heard of your brand

or had the opportunity to use your product/service. It’s a win win; you gain a new client and they might have just found their new favorite brand.

More Cost Effective Than Traditional Advertisements

You would be surprised how much money a simple 30 second commercial costs not only to air, but to create. There are a lot of various factors that go into the cost, such as time of year, television channel, and length. But just to put into perspective, a 30 second 2017 Super Bowl commercial was $5 million! As you can see, it can be pretty costly to utilize this form of marketing. Not only is digital marketing very cost effective, it is one of the easiest ways to reach a large audience.

Social media channels are free to use and creating the content doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Designing a website and creating banner advertisement are very inexpensive compared to traditional marketing tactics, as well. It was noted that 40% of Digital Marketing Spend Report participants saved big time when switching to digital marketing. If you can save money marketing, why wouldn’t you take advantage of this inexpensive tactic?

Targeting Specific Demographics

When creating email campaigns, you can target specific consumers to cater towards their interests, needs, and desires. Email marketing segmentation can increase clickthrough rates and make consumers feel like they are being heard. Mailchimp even noted that segmented campaigns get 14.64% more opens and 59.99% more clicks than non-segmented campaigns. There are so many different segments you can separate your audience into. This can range from demographics to psychographics, but whatever your company decides, your consumer will recognize and appreciate it.

Also, you can’t control who sees your magazine ad, but you can dictate who sees your digital advertisements. When it comes to Facebook ads, you can decide who will see these them based on location, interests, or other “likes” they have. If you are a baby clothing boutique, you are going to want to target parents, not college students without any children. By deciding exactly who to target on this platform, your ad will be reaching the right people that will in turn give your business new clientele.

Mobile Consumers

Our world is now a digital one. Everyone has some sort of smart phone these days, so there is a whole new demographic businesses need to reach. People use their smart phones for

multiple things including texting, calling, playing games, checking their mail, or surfing the web. Since smart devices are so versatile, there are many things you can do to digitally market mobile consumers.

Starting with making your website mobile-friendly is a great start, but there are so many more things you can do. Mobile marketing can span from emailing marketing and social media to mobile advertising and SMS text messaging. Chances are you are going to reach people more effectively through mobile devices, as well, since everyone is glued to their iPhones.

Measurable Results

How can you determine if your marketing efforts are effective if they are not measurable? If you put up a billboard or print advertisement, you can roughly estimate how many people you are reaching, but not accurately measure it. Through digital marketing, you can use software such as Google Analytics to measure your efforts. You can see the number of clicks to your site, amount of people it reached, actions users took, and so much more. You can also see other useful information such as demographics and psychographics of your users. This way you can see what works and what does not before creating another marketing campaign.

Consumer Conversation

Talking to your customers and making them feel like their voices are being heard is extremely important for any company. With the large digital world we have today, you can communicate with anyone you want, even if they are halfway around the world! Not only will increased conversation create a positive image for your customer service, your company will be able to ask consumers what they want and give it to them. These questions can range

from their favorite product to what they feel your brand can do to improve. This conversation will not only make your consumers feel special, it will create a strong loyalty to your brand, as well.

As our world becomes more digital, so should your marketing efforts. There are so many more possibilities for your company within the digital world, so why not take advantage?

We know a thing or two about digital marketing, and would love to help your brand thrive from it! Get in touch today to see all of the digital marketing possibilities we can make

happen for your business.



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