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Email Marketing Content Ideas to Step Up Your Web Game

Log in to your email account right now and it's probably filled with various email marketing campaigns cluttering your inbox. Businesses are constantly creating these campaigns to send out to clients, new and old. Some of them are clever and actually worth viewing, but others are just a waste of our time to read through. Since email marketing is an important tactic for companies to utilize, how do you stand out and make sure your message isn’t going straight to the trash?

Consumers are seeing email marketing everywhere they look, so here are some ways to make your campaign stand out against the rest.

Video Content/GIFs

Keeping your emails fun and exciting to will make consumers actually want to continue reading. You want your emails to be visually appealing, because this is the first impression readers will get. Before getting to the actual content of the email, give your consumers a fun GIF or video to view. This will get their attention because it is unique for email marketing and not a lot of companies are adding these fun features.

You can also utilize video content and get rid of wordy emails all together. In fact, reading the word “video” alone in the subject line will increase your click-through rate by 65% and boost open rates by 19%. Videos are very compelling for consumers, since they have to watch it to know exactly what it’s about. Also, more consumers are starting to interact

with video and 55% of people will watch at least one video online today. Maybe that one video a day will be from your email.


If you make your email marketing personalized, consumers are going to feel like you are talking directly to them. In reality, however, you are sending this mass email to thousands of people. But the consumers doesn’t have to know that! This can be as simple as using their name in the subject line or header, which creates a 26% higher chance of being opened. No one wants to read an email that says “to whom it may concern” or “dear sir/madam.” Just by adding the consumer's first or last name, an instant trust is created. A little personalization goes a long way, so why not give it a try?


Segmentation is another form of personalization, but this is based off likes, dislikes, demographics, and psychographics. Email marketing segmentation is when you divide your subscriber list into subgroups. These could be formed from purchase history, geographical location, interests, and really anything your business wants to segment. You can then tailor

your email specifically towards these consumers, and give them exactly what they desire in an email. Marketers have also found a 39% higher open rate if their email marketing is segmented because after all, not all consumers are the same. So not only will your consumers be happy, your email campaigns will also prosper from it.

Responsive Design

Emails are not just being opened on computers and laptops anymore. In fact, 67% of emails today are being viewed on mobile devices, so chances are your email will also be viewed this

way. Since more and more people are viewing their emails on smartphones or tablets, you need to make sure your campaign is mobile-friendly. Responsive design will make your content viewable on all platforms. Also, send test emails before sending the real deal, to ensure they can be properly viewed on any device.

Call to Action

Without a call to action (CTA), what is the point of sending your email to consumers and how will they know the purpose behind the campaign? Your email is taking up consumer’s time reading and scrolling through, so make it count. The main point of your email is to probably get some response from consumers, so make it known exactly what you want them to do.

These call to actions could include follow us on social media, visit our website, shop now, or any action you want someone to take. You do not want to overcrowd your email with multiple call to actions, however, because consumers will get overwhelmed and send your email straight to the trash. Make sure the call to action you use is effective and beneficial for your company, and something the consumer will want to do.

By using these email marketing campaign ideas, your company’s email will not get lost in the dark hole that is your consumer's inbox. It is very simple, but beneficial, to work on upping your email marketing game. People are constantly viewing them, so make consumers hold off on hitting the delete button and actually read your content.

Your email marketing campaigns won’t get sent to the trash if we have a say in it! Get in touch today and let us create emails that consumers will be looking forward to receiving in their inbox.



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