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Always Look Your Best: Why Your Company’s Graphics Should be A+

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Everyone strives to look their best, and that goes for any company, too. Sometimes appearance for businesses isn’t just a physical store location or merchandise they sell, appearance can also mean a company’s logo, graphics, and website design. A lot of times, these components of a business are the first impression for a customer. Your website might be the first thing they look at before committing to your brand, or maybe they saw your logo on social media and want to check out your company further. Whatever the case may be, you need to make sure your company’s graphics are the best they possibly can be.

Designing graphics can be a daunting task for some companies. It takes a creative mind to successfully create a memorable logo or compelling brochure. This is why sometimes it is best to hire an outside source to help you in creating the best graphics that positively represents your brand. Need a little more convincing? Here are some other reasons why having eye-catching graphics can improve your business.

Creates Individuality

Every brand wants to stand out. If they didn’t, you would be seeing the same logos and graphics all over the place. Every fast food burger joint would be repping the big red and yellow “M.” The first way to create your brands own individual identity stems from the graphics you use. This can range from your color scheme, to the visuals you use. You don’t want to look like your competitors and you want your customers to know it’s your brand exactly when they see your logo.

When you look at the Nike “check swipe” logo, you know exactly what brand you are interacting with and who they are. There are no words or pictures involved, but your mind knows exactly what you are looking at. This is what your brand logo should be all about. No other company has a logo as simple yet complex as Nike, which is why their brand is so uniquely individual.

Represents Your Brand’s Image

Every single brand has its own morals, identity, and how they want to be portrayed. What is the first interaction a customer has with your brand? It is through your graphics, whether that be on your website, in an advertisement they recently saw, or viewing your logo outside your store. Words alone cannot effectively convey what your company stands for, graphics and visuals can, however. In fact, visuals are processed 60,000 times fats than text.

If consumers are processing your graphics much faster than any sentence or text you can publish, it is important to represent your brand in the most authentic way possible. A brand’s “identity” is described as visual elements that represent a company. The image of your brand is made up of multiple aspects, most of them being visually. This is your logo, store design, website, advertisements, and really any other graphic element your company creates. To make sure you generate a positive brand image, your graphics have to match that.

Generates Consistency

Consistent graphics and designs of a company are what consumers look for. They want to know who you are as a brand, but if your graphics veer off in many different directions, how can they really know who you are? Every graphic your company creates should possess similarities and all aspects of your brand should be consistent to create recognizability, as well. No matter what graphic a consumer if viewing, they should know right off the bat this graphic is coming from your business.


Looking professional and credible are two huge factors for consumers when choosing between various brands. If your company’s graphics look thrown together and sloppy, customers are going to think that is what your brand is like, as well. Having a strong design makes your company look strong and trustworthy. These graphics are normally the first thing people see of your brand, so you want to create a positive first impression. If you do not have strong graphics, then it is going to be hard for consumers and competition to differentiate your poor visuals from your company.

Establishes Your Companies Name

Going back to the Nike logo, or even Apple sign or McDonalds “M,” right as you look at these symbols you know what brand they represent. Your logo connects back to your company’s image and you want to represent yourself in a positive manner. They can show who you are, what you sell, or what services you offer in a simple illustration. Stellar graphics tie back into your brands name, which is exactly why you always want to be on your A game.

Looking past the logo, your company’s brochures, website, advertisements, and any other graphics you can think of tie back into your brand’s name, too. There are so many competitors in every market, so you want your graphics to establish your brand and help you stand out. You want your graphics to be memorable so right when a customer sees it, they know exactly who they are dealing with.

The number one thing I hope you took from this article is that graphics are the first impression of your company to customers. You want them to look their best, so your company can look its best to potential clientele. First impressions are extremely important for any company or industry, so make sure you create a positive one.

Graphics are one of our specialties at Infinite Marketing INC. Let us help you create an A+ first impression and Get in touch today.



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