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When Brookstone was looking for help with marketing and sales, they weren't ready to commit to a full-time employee.  We set out to recreate all of their marketing materials, get their brand in front of the community, develop a social media strategy to increase engagement, create an email marketing plan, and drive exposure via TV ads and Youtube videos. Christie continues to handling all of Brookstone's monthly marketing via global company Troon.


Brookstone TV Ad.jpg

We produced a television ad that ran hundreds of times in engagement month during shows like Say Yes to the Dress, Four Weddings, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. We ran the same ad on Youtube, with 50,000 views to date.



In the wedding industry, Google search is highly competitive, so we made sure to put Brookstone at the top of the search engines via Google Ads. Continually working to optimize their budget, we saw tremendous success with 50% market share for the first ranked ad listing. 


Brookstone Park Golf Course Print Ads, designed by Infinite Marketing, Inc.

We defined opportunities and negotiated pricing for the most prominent golf publications, to drive consumer exposure to Brookstone's golf course. We also placed ads in chamber magazines, local newspapers, and family publications.


Collateral Materials.jpg

We revamped all of Brookstone's marketing collateral, from stand up banners to rack cards to brochures to sales packets.  We updated their imagery to more modern images that highlighted the beauty of their property. Taking Brookstone's brand from basic to beautiful allowed us to showcase them in the best light.


Holiday party Back.jpg

One of Brookstone's main goals was to increase corporate business. We did just that by developing a Holiday Party Direct Mail piece followed by individual follow-up to all recipients. The mailer had a 20% return on investment with several new companies booking business.

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